One of the reasons I have been able to climb up the ladder so quickly is because of my attention to detail. I don’t take shortcuts either, which is something that my predecessor seemed to do a lot of. I was promoted to the top position at a manufacturing plant in New York City, and I took my job of turning the place around very seriously. I delegated a lot of things, but I wanted to take care of the HVAC maintenance in NYC myself. I was really surprised to find out that manager who was here before me did have any kind of maintenance plan in place.

I have been in too many different plants to not realize that this was just a disaster waiting to happen. There was no way we could expect people to work if the plant was too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter months. I wanted this taken care of immediately so we would lose any production time. Read More

Resistive Touch Screen are wonderful devices

Resistive Touch Screen are wonderful devices that offer consumers a wide range of features. If you have just purchased your first resistive touch screen, learning to use it can be difficult. With all of its immense technology the resistive touch screen can intimidate new users. Do not worry, this article from contains great advice that will help you to use your resistive touch screen to its full potential, read on to learn more. If you want to organize your apps, create some folders. You can create a folder by tapping one of your apps and holding until all the apps are moving. Drag this app over a second app you want to place in the same folder and a folder containing both apps will appear. Drag other apps to the folder.  

OS on the resistive touch screen monitor

The OS on the resistive touch screen monitor now supports folders. Just drag on app onto another one to create a folder. When you do that, it creates a folder containing the two apps and labels them with an appropriate category. This folder can be easily renamed.  

Jailbreak your resistive touch screen OS

Think carefully before you decide to jailbreak your resistive touchscreen OS. The advantage of jail-breaking your resistive touch screen is that it will provide you with lots of additional features. However, jail-breaking your resistive touch screen can make it more vulnerable to hackers. Furthermore, jail-breaking voids your warranty , and it can have a considerable impact on your resistive touch screen's battery life. Keep your apps organized with the folder feature. The newest version of touch screens allows users to create folders. To do this, tap and hold an app's icon until it starts to move or jiggle. Then, drag the app until it is hovering over another app that you want in the same folder. Now just release. The resistive touch screen will automatically create a folder with both app icons inside.  

Typing on resistive touch screen display

Are you having a hard time typing on your resistive touch screen display? You should get a Bluetooth wireless keyboard. Your resistive touch screen will recognize any Bluetooth keyboard instantly. If you use the keyboard a lot, purchase a case with a Bluetooth keyboard directly built in it so you do not have to carry your keyboard. everywhere Keep an eye on the amount of downloadable space available on your resistive touch screen. After a few years of using an resistive touch screen many people find that they go to download something they want only to find that they do not have space available. Remove unwanted apps and music from time to time so this does not happen to you. If you enjoy frequently using smiley face or alternate emoticons, have the Emoji keyboard. To get this keyboard, tap settings, then General, and finally, Keyboard. Tap the international keyboards' icon and look for Emoji. To add it, all you have to do is simply tap it. The next time you see the onscreen keyboard, it will be there.  

Screenshot while using your resistive touch monitor

Taking a screenshot while using your resistive touch monitor is extremely easy to do. The home and sleep buttons pressed together will take a screenshot. It will take the screenshot and save it with your pictures. Most people know that an SD card can be plugged into the resistive touch screen directly from their camera to view photos. Many people do not know that a connection kit can be purchased to connect your camera to your resistive touch screen. You can search the online Store to find one for your camera.  

Resistive Touch Screens are amazing devices

As discussed earlier, Resistive Touch Screen pcs are amazing devices that offer a number of benefits to users. Due to its state-of-the-art technology, however, learning to properly operate an resistive touch screen takes a little bit of education and learning on your part. By applying everything that you've learned from reading this article from Faytech you should be well on your way to becoming an resistive touch screen master. Good luck! Discover A Lot More
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    Blue Man Group is comedy, theater, rock concert and dance party all rolled into one.  This wildly popular phenomenon delivers an unforgettable multi-sensory experience.  It's an outrageous evening of entertainment you'll never forget.  Don't miss the show that has captivated 35 million people worldwide.

    at Morris Performing Arts Center 211 North Michigan Street South Bend, United States



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    Country Superstars
    Have a night you'll never forget as you see some of the best country music on the Strip with Country Superstars at Bally's Las Vegas. This tribute show is unlike what you’re used to seeing in Las Vegas. Sure, there are plenty of performers that are recreating some of country music’s biggest superstars. But the beauty of the experience is you never know which star will show up on a given night. This Las Vegas show begins with a dead ringer for Reba McEntire hosting the festivities, while singing just like the icon. From there you can see Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, Brooks & Dunn, Tim McGraw, Big & Rich, Wynonna Judd and so many more. These artists have perfectly recreated their celebrity counterparts, right down to the mannerisms. Bolstered by a world-class five-piece band and quality production values, you'll feel like you’re watching a major concert instead of a Vegas tribute show. The Las Vegas Review-Journal has called this show the Best of Las Vegas in the past and you can see it for less with tickets from

    at Windows at Bally's Las Vegas 3645 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, United States








  8. Clutch Event on 2016-05-18 19:30:00 with Corrosion Of Conformity, Siding Spring
    Forget whatever you thought about Clutch. Earth Rocker crumples up the bad categories that have miscast them for years stoner rock, post-hardcore, metal, grunge and leaves no question about what they are: a damn good rock and roll band. at Higher Ground 1214 Williston Rd South Burlington, United States



  10. BOB MOULD Event on 2016-05-06 21:00:00 J. ROBBINS

    “Here’s the deal. In 2012, people loved Silver Age (to a degree that surprised me, pleasantly), likewise Beauty & Ruin in 2014 (despite the heaviness of the subject matter, which I thought might be a bit alienating… apparently not. Another pleasant surprise.).

    But PATCH THE SKY is the darkest one.

    After the Letterman performance in February 2015 where “dust fell from the rafters,” it would have seemed logical to go the punk rock route—an entire album of two-minute songs—but that wasn’t where my soul was at.

    I withdrew from everyday life. I wrote alone for six months. I love people, but I needed my solitude. The search for my own truth kept me alive. These songs are my salvation.

    I’ve had a solid stretch of hard emotional times, and thanks for the condolences in advance. I don’t want to go into the details—more death, relationships ending, life getting shorter—because they’re already in the songs. Just listen and see if you can fit yourself into my stories. The words make you remember. The music makes you forget.

    But PATCH THE SKY is also the catchiest one.

    I always aim for the perfect balance of bright melodies and dark stories. I’ve used this juxtaposition for years. This time, I’ve tuned it to high contrast.

    The first side of the album is generally simple and catchy. The second side is heavier in spirit and tone. Opposing forces and properties. I love both sides of PATCH THE SKY.

    At the core of these songs is what I call the chemical chorus—you hear it once and your brain starts tingling. The heart rate picks up. It gets worse—you know it’s coming again and you can barely stand the anticipation. Then, the beautifully heartbreaking bridge appears, and you’re all set up—hooked for life. Music is an incredibly powerful drug. I want to be your drug dealer. I have what you need.”

    at METRO 3730 North Clark Street Chicago, United States



  12. Built To Spill Event on 2016-05-27 20:00:00 with The Hand
    Twenty years on from first signing to Warner Bros. Records, Built To Spill is set to return in 2015 with its eighth studio album, Untethered Moon. That's now two complete decades that one of America's leading "indie rock" bands has happily made its home on a major label, and in the process redefined that clumsy descriptor of independence by operating wholly and consistently under its own steam, taking the proper time to craft timeless songs and playing endless, epic shows to a growing grip of fans each year. Under the command of its constant leader, Doug Martsch, as well as a new rhythm section, Built To Spill's creative process continues to ebb, flow and evolve in its own orbit, reemerging on record for the first time since 2009's There Is No Enemy with ten new songs that fit at once into the band's resonant catalog while infusing fresh energy into that signature sound.In the summer of 2012, Martsch and his longtime bass player Brett Nelson and drummer Scott Plouf recorded an album's worth of new songs and then went on tour. Martsch was unsatisfied with his performance on the recordings, feeling that he had had too few "eureka moments" in the studio and planned to tweak his parts after tour. Then, citing tour burnout, Nelson and Plouf quit the band, leaving Martsch to scrap the recordings and essentially start over. Adding longtime musical comrades Jason Albertini on bass and Steve Gere on drums, and along with guitarists Jim Roth and Brett Netson, the new Built To Spill emerged a month after reforming to play more shows in 2013 than any other year in the band's existence. Energized by the new blood as well as marathon rehearsal sessions, Martsch decided to revisit the recording process as a trio, without the other guitar players. "With fewer people it's easier to focus and communicate during the songwriting process," says Martsch. "Also we wanted to make the record a little more stripped-down, a little rawer than our last one." Over much of the next year, the band would travel to Portland, Oregon, to record with producer Sam Coomes, the Quasi founder whose keyboard playing appears on several earlier Built To Spill albums. "Working with Sam was awesome. He would come to rehearsals and take notes and record us on various little devices. He had ideas for the songs, structural changes, and things like that, but most importantly, he was enthusiastic. We had rehearsed a ton and were maybe losing perspective a little, so to have someone we admire and trust telling us we were on the right path was huge. He also shared our vision of leaving out shit that's not necessary." Acknowledging the intricate, bombastic drumming from Gere and Albertini's effortless ability to "keep it in the pocket and move the song along," Martsch found inspiration and confidence. He completed the songwriting with his usual method of piecing together scraps of guitar and instrumental parts from tapes of jams from previous eras of creation, along with the easy cohesion of the trio on new material, which they had practiced and demoed endlessly before setting foot in the studio. "When we get together and pick up our instruments, I always believe that something magical is going to happen. And it often does, but it's a magic that maybe only we can feel, in the moment, and doesn't necessarily translate to tape or to other people. So we keep messing with it until it feels like real music to us. The songs evolve over a long period of time through trial and error. There's a lot of ideas that don't go anywhere, and it's just a matter of leaving them out and including the things that work." Whether a call by Coomes to abandon a trumpet in favor of a tripped-out guitar, or a killer drum beat evolving from a simple exercise pattern, or even a coincidentally connected artistic inspiration from Alejandro Jodorowsky, the tarot and a photograph of pets, there was no shortage of eureka moments during the making of Untethered Moon.The album begins with the hard-hitting trio of "All Our Songs," "Living Zoo," and "On the Way," songs that are as complex and compelling as anything on previous Built To Spill outings. Ripping solos, warm tones, vague and familiar Martsch themes of subconscious connection, human commonality and memory, Neil Young influencesit's all there. "Never Be The Same" is a song from Martsch's past, redone and encouraged by Coomes, while "C.R.E.B." is a meditation on the scientific process of forgetting. The album ends with the eight-minute standout "When I'm Blind," with solos echoing in and out of a drum-tight jam held down to perfection by the new guys. All in all, it's the unmistakable sound of Built To Spill, but with a new energy that hearkens back to Martsch's beginnings all those years ago in Twin Falls, Idaho. Two decades on a major label and even more as a successful musician, the fire and focus haven't changed for Martsch in the least. "We like making music and that's why we do this. Of course if everyone else hates this record, we'll be bummed. We are trying to make music that people will enjoy." at Urban Lounge 241 South 500 East Salt Lake City, United States



  14. Apocalyptica Event on 2016-05-22 19:30:00 with 10 Years, Failure Anthem
    Finnish cello-based heavy rockers Apocalyptica want to be remembered as the band that brought balls back to heavy metal and the band that did so in a unique way. Since its inception, the band has been mining the classical form and structure, coming up with something totally unpredictable and utterly unforgettable. Twenty years into an inimitable and formidable career, they are still reinventing themselves and finding new sources of inspiration. That's not easy to do!"As a musician, I can't think about Grammys or selling this or that amount of records. That can't be the goal of this job. We are focused on the main thing, which is making music," Apocalyptica's Eicca Toppinen said. "I can't say we are the only ones doing that, but at least we do it our way."That's the mission statement and the infallible goal of Apocalyptica to do the music they want to do without rules or regulations or parameters. They continue to flip the script and twist convention to suit themselves two decades deep.Reflecting on the band's rich history, from the Metallica covers that turned the music scene on its ear to 2007's critically lauded and fan applauded Worlds Collide, which saw them collaborating with everyone from Slipknot's Corey Taylor to Rammstein's Till Lindemann to Lacuna Coil's Cristina Scabbia, Toppinen said, "When we released our first album, people thought, 'This is a novelty act, or a one album project.' We thought that as well, in the beginning."But my, how times have changed. He continued, "Now, when I look back, the feedback from the world is that Apocalyptica also changed major things in the metal music scene."Indeed, they've blown the doors open, fusing classical music with modern metal conventions and the result is something that cannot be argued with. "What we do may not be for everyone, but we opened new doors and new ways of thinking and encouraged people, who have told us, 'When I heard you, I thought that I can do this.' It was good. We changed some things in the scene," Toppinen said.That's not lip service nor is it said with any sort of bravado.Apocalyptica continue to change, to evolve and do new things. They haven't released an album since 2010's 7th Symphony, on which they toured mightily, playing 200 shows all over the world. But they've not been immobile or stagnant or inactive since. In fact, it's quite the opposite. "People wonder where we are, what we are doing," Toppinen acknowledged. "Well, we're coming back, stronger than ever."The first new music from the band in three years will come in the form of a live CD of "the Wagner Thing," as Toppinen lovingly calls it. Officially, "the Wagner Thing" is the Wagner Reloaded musical and theatrical project, one that defied categorization or containment.May 22, 2013 marked the 200th anniversary of the birth of composer Richard Wagner. Gregor Seyffert, an award-winning choreographer and dancer, staged a brilliant and magical, cross-genre event, featuring elements of dance and theater in a live concert celebrating the oeuvre of Wagner. The event was not based on sole works but on Wagner's body of work and his life. It was then presented on stage, with Apocalyptica composing the music. The live CD, titled Wagner Reloaded Live in Leipzig, will be comprised of the very compositions from that event. Overall, Wagner Reloaded was not some sort of therapy project nor was it Apocalyptica Plays Wagner, either. It was, as is the case with all Apocalyptica material, something else. Ultimately, it's new Apocalyptica compositions, inspired by this event."We took elements of [Wagner's] life and used his original music and rearranged it. Most of the time, I wrote a new score for it," Toppinen explained. "I call it a 'score' since it felt like I wrote a movie score. I had to fulfill the needs of the stage."Toppinen also acknowledged that the live CD will satisfy longtime fans for a specific reason, saying, "What makes it cool for many old Apocalyptica fans is that there are no vocals. It is a purely instrumental album and old school fans will love it. Since our music having vocals divides people, the old fans consider [vocal-less Apocalyptica] the 'real' Apocalyptica, while others love the vocal tracks. But this will delight the old fans."Talk about knowing your audience and satiating fans! The live release is also old school in that Toppinen wrote all the music, which is how things transpired in the band over 10 years ago. As Apocalyptica have grown and developed, there has been more of a division of labor and more sharing of the responsibility when it comes to writing music. So while the music was penned by solely by Toppinen, it was performed by the band in the live realm. The whole band was involved. Therefore, it is/was an Apocalyptica project. Wagner Reloaded certainly further stoked the creative fires. "We were asked so many times to do this type of project, but this was the first one we got excited about," Toppinen said. "I was writing music for a movie that does not exist. I had a list of themes and every theme that Gregor had in his mind, I had to think about how long the scenes were and then write the music, all the while thinking about having Apocalyptica perform it with a symphony orchestra and choir, and around 100 dancers."It was a visual spectacle, like a lush carnival come to life, and a massive undertaking for the band, with Toppinen acknowledging, "Everything sounded so crazy on this project. I thought, 'If we can make this work, it can be special.' The production was massive. The stage was huge. It was big, and I like a big challenge. This was like Mission: Impossible. So I wanted to try it."Mission: Impossible became Mission: Accomplished. And now it's time for Apocalyptica to take what they learned in the process and start to distill ideas into a proper new album.So while the band had a year off from active touring while " doing the Wagner thing," the creativity still flowed and they stayed sharp, working on something grand. It's the first time the band has had any significant relatively speakingtime off since 1996. "It's been 17 years," Toppinen stated. "It's good to have time off. We can do new things and have new inspiration. We have a freedom to do things differently than a normal album."The immediate Apocalyptica itinerary will find the band spending the fall writing music for a studio album, with a late spring 2014 studio start being eyed. There is some touring on the docket, set for March 2014 with 17 shows in Europe featuring a 25-piece orchestra. The other dates on the tour will boast performances of the band's repertoire and they will be backed by a small orchestra.While there is a level of excitement for what Apocalyptica can do next, they are not quite sure where the journey will begin or end and that's just fine with the band. Life is about the journey and the destination. "For our next step, I don't know yet," Toppinen said. He furthered, "The band is in a great position and in a good state. We have toured successfully and we have a strong fanbase. While record companies get scared when we want to have a break, since we can't be out of market for a while, we know we have a band that is so unique that people won't forget us with a four-year break."Toppinen finished, "We are in perfect shape. We're still hungry for the future to make music together. If you have that hunger and want to try something new, you'll never know where you end up. I only know that we are motivated and excited, and have heads full of fresh ideas."Most bands are petering out and running on fumes at the 20-year mark, if they make it that far. Such is not the case for Apocalyptica. Instead, they are at their creative apex and there is no ceiling on what they can and will accomplish. Their time is now. at The Trocadero Theatre 1003 Arch Street Philadelphia, United States



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